Embedded Project on Using TV Remote as a Cordless Mouse for the Computer


The project is designed to utilize a TV remote as a cordless mouse for the computer. A conventional PC/laptop utilizes a mouse to operate and control every one of its applications. As a PC mouse is wired to the framework, one needs to sit near to the PC to work it.

This turns out to be very tedious when the PC is utilized for presentation purposes (when utilizing a projector). In this proposed framework TV remote can be utilized as a cordless mouse, and the client require not work the PC sitting close it.

A typical TV remote sends coded infrared information that is perused by an IR sensor interfaced to an 8051 family microcontroller. This information so got by the microcontroller sends it to the COM port of a PC through a level shifter IC. This IR code is generally RC5 code as took after by a few producers. Programming named PC remote is utilized on the PC that perceives information got from the microcontroller through the COM port and plays out the required task.

Designed numbers on the TV remote are utilized to perform up – down, right – left cursor development. Highlights like the left click and right click of the mouse can likewise be performed with of the TV remote.

This project can be upgraded utilizing Bluetooth/RF technology to defeat the traditional line of sight communication disadvantages of the infrared type.

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