Embedded Project on Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor


The project is intended to measure the distance of any object by utilizing an ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic methods for remove estimation is a helpful technique contrasted with customary one utilizing estimation scales.

This sort of estimation is especially relevant to inaccessible areas where traditional means can’t be implemented, for example, high temperature, pressure zones and so on.

This proposed framework utilizes a ultrasonic module interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051 family. An ultrasonic transducer containing a transmitter and recipient are utilized for the project. The transmitted waves are reflected back from the object and got by the transducer again.

The total time taken from sending the waves to accepting it is computed by mulling over the velocity of sound. Then the distance is calculated by a program running on the microcontroller and displayed on an LCD screen interfaced to the microcontroller. The ultrasonic sensor produces 40 kHz sound waves.

Promote the project can be upgraded by utilizing high recurrence transducers to make is fit for medicinal applications like an ultrasound machine.

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