Embedded Project on Line Following Robotic Vehicle Using Microcontroller


The project is designed to build up a robotic vehicle that follows a specific path. This project doesn’t require a microcontroller for its task. A pair of photosensors involving IR transmitter and photodiode is utilized to identify the specific path for its movement.

Line follower robot is the useful robot that is utilized as a part of product houses, industries, and stores and so on, where it takes after a dedicated path. This proposed arrangement of a line following robot satisfies the functionality and demonstrates its working.

It utilizes a pair of photosensors, containing one IR transmitter and a photodiode in each. It directs the robot to take after a predetermined way by giving fitting sign to the exchanging transistors that drive the engines.

Further the project can be enhanced by utilizing a microcontroller to add knowledge to the robot by writing an appropriate program.


1) This line following robot can likewise be modified to a walking robot in any surface by utilizing just one motor with homemade fixtures installations according to the detailed instruction given.

2) Similarly, the same walking robot can be joined with the special magic material according to instructions to climb a wall of any vertical metallic surface says a registered body.

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