PHP Performance Indicator System

This Project includes a buy reservation on the merchant side and framework administration in both the administrator and staff side. Likewise, in the stock side, it can refresh supplies of items.


1. Download the code document.

2. Concentrate the organizer in your localhost server.

3. Transfer the included database. To transfer the database, go to your PhpMyAdmin and make a database and name it oils. Snap opils database, click import and import the database situated in DB organizer of this document. Snap go and hold up until the point that the DB is transferred.

4. In the wake of transferring the database, enter localhost/oils on your program.

This paper describes the development of a Web-based construction Project Performance Monitoring System (PPMS) that aims to assist project managers in exercising construction project control. With the aid of a panel of project management specialists, the following project performance measure categories are identified for inclusion in the PPMS: People, Cost, Time, Quality, Safety and Health, Environment, Client Satisfaction, and Communication. For each of the performance measure categories, performance indicators and their measurements are also established. The monitoring process is automated through the use of the World Wide Web and database technology. Data collection and dissemination are similarly automated. The use of the PPMS can help senior project management, project directors, project managers, etc., in monitoring and assessing project performance.


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