EE025 – Drinking Water Quality Standards Study in and Around Chennai (Any City)


In creating nation like India landfills are arranged close to urban areas, discharging unsafe contaminants which permeate to the groundwater. This outcomes in tainting of the ground water. Civil squanders and risky squanders are the fundamental driver of dirtying the ground water. The Chennai Corporation has two noteworthy dumping locales in particular Perungudi also, Kodungayaiyur found south and north of Chennai.

These open dumpsites are rank and surface water permeating through the junk can break down or discharge destructive synthetic concoctions, among these synthetics, substantial metals causes ecological issue. Overwhelming metals when gets broke down in ground water which at that point devoured by people prompts medical problems, Hence the nearness of bore wells and cylinder wells close to the dumpsite compromises the life of individuals living close to that region. In this examination an endeavor was made to know the centralization of substantial metals in ground water around the Perungudi dumpsite.

For this examination 10 number of ground water tests were gathered and saved by including of 2-3 drops of nitric corrosive. The examples were exposed to investigation of pH, TDS, hardness, COD and four follow metals Cr, Cu, Cd and Fe by utilizing inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). It was seen that the wellbeing of the general population dwelling close to the dumpsite was influenced because of utilization of this water. It is presumed that the ground water is polluted and can’t be utilized for drinking water and in addition household reason.

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