Php project on Placement Record Management System


The primary goal of Placement Management System is to develop software which manages situation exercises in college makes an intelligent GUI where TPO can manage subtle details of all students on his comfort, he can send a sends to students informing about placement exercises. Although such a project has a wide scope, this project contains the most essential part i.e. displaying the personal and academic information of students and companies. The students and organizations are also provided with the facility of editing a few fields like username and password. The project likewise permits a Data Base Administrator to enter the data of student and companies which is then put away in the comparing tables in the main database. He can likewise delete the student and company’s information after the arrangement is over from the fundamental database.

This project is gone for building up an online application for the Training and PlacementDept. of the school. The system is an online application that can be accessed throughout the association and outside too with appropriate login gave. This system can be utilized as an application for the TPO of the school to deal with the student-information concerning the situation. Students logging ought to have the capacity to transfer their data as a CV. Guests/Company delegates signing in may also access/look through any data set up by Students.


TPO module

Student module

mailing module

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