.Real-Time Product Monitoring & Tracking System using fingerprint authentication


Shopping is an activity of purchasing good from the shop. A shop is a place where a client can satisfy all their needs. Android-based systems ought to be technically implemented in such a way that ensures adequate client requirements. The proposed approach is implemented to allow the person to do shopping utilizing fingerprint validation of client and the bill will be automatically generated. This is done by the Android application and likewise through a web application. The improvement in the working arrangement of the cell phones offers to ascend to the application improvement on the large scale. The aim is to provide convenient and secured fingerprint authentication and billing. We propose a billing system utilizing the android application, in our project the clients need to give their fingerprint and tray number of input details. After the buy was done, an administrator will match the client fingerprint and the bill will be generated automatically after the fingerprint coordinating procedure. At long last, the proposed system will be given the acquired results.

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