AN073 – University Referencing of Bibliography Android With Barcode Scan


You can get to all data about a book just by scanning the Barcode and also organize references into logical groups (areas, subjects, disciplines, sub-disciplines) by using folders and tags. You can a one click save articles and organize them from your browser. This is important in saving time on organizing. You can read your articles inside the reference manager and after that do useful things like highlighting and annotations which would then be able to be saved as notes for future reference. You can export to particular reference styles. This is extremely useful for someone doing interdisciplinary work. For example, I need to always utilize the same or similar bibliography utilizing APA style, ACM style, IEEE style. The administrator part is produced utilizing Asp.Net and Student part is created in Android. It was much easier to get all the required data of books in one place anytime.


  1. Admin Module
  • Add Books (With details like Barcode, Author, Year, Title)
  • Add Author
  • Add Title
  • View Students
  • View Feedback
  • View Books
  1. Student Module
  • Create Bibliography
  • Scan Books
  • Barcode Scanner which use pre-defined apps to get Barcode, we use third-party apps to get data in our app.
  • Saved Projects (List Of Saved bibliography)
  • Send Feedback

DOWNLOAD: University Referencing of Bibliography Android With Barcode Scan

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