NOVIFAST: A fast algorithm for accurate and precise VFA MRI T1 mapping


In quantitative attractive reverberation T1 mapping, the Variable Flip Angle (VFA) relentless state ruined slope reviewed reverberate (SPGR) imaging strategy is prevalent as it gives an arrangement of high goals T1 weighted pictures in a clinically doable time. Quick, straight strategies that gauge T1 maps from these weighted pictures have been proposed, for example, DESPOT1 and iterative reweighted straight slightest squares (IRWLLS). More exact, nonlinear slightest squares (NLLS) estimators are in play, yet these are for the most part much slower and require watchful instatement.

In this work, we present NOVIFAST, a novel NLLS-based calculation particularly customized to VFA SPGR T1 mapping. By abusing the specific structure of the SPGR show, a computationally effective, yet exact and exact T1 delineate is determined. Reenactment and in vivo human cerebrum tests illustrate a twenty-crease speed gain of NOVIFAST contrasted with customary inclination based NLLS estimators, while keeping up a high exactness and precision. In addition, NOVIFAST is eight times quicker than proficient usage of the VARPRO technique. Besides, NOVIFAST is appeared to be powerful against instatement.

BASE PAPER: NOVIFAST A fast algorithm for accurate and precise VFA MRI T1 mapping

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