Bus Speed App alert system


Over speed limit violation done by public transport (buses) is a common issue in the majority of the roads significant street. This has been reported to be one of the traffic accident causes. Also, a road accident has been relentless and to a bar, the loss of life due to the accident is more crucial. This research work proposed and actualized a model brought Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Accident Alert and Locator System (AVOAALS). The system utilizes GPS and GSM arrange, particularly GPRS function of the GSM organize. The system screens the speed and accident occasion of the transport. Once an occasion is identified, the system drives the present position of the transport utilizing GPS. The occasion, transport registration number, and position information are sent to the control database server as SMS by means of GPRS administrations of the GSM Network.

The occasion, transport registration number, and position information are then stored in the database. SMS application programming was produced utilizing Microsoft visual studio package. Microsoft SQL saver was utilized for stored information in light of its superior question motor, enormously quick information embed ability and solid help for specific web capacities. Utilizing this SMS application programming, end client could get SMS on any standard cell phone about the occasion, a position of the focused on question, date and time of occasion. The manager at the control information base server could separate reports about accident and offenders. This system is especially valuable for checking speed limit violations, reckless driving, and minifying the accident occurrence and in addition to optimizing rescue task. The system was executed utilizing Sunrom’s GPS receiver with active antenna, GSM modem SIM900D, PIC18F4520 Microcontroller, cell phone handset Nokia 110 and PC. The model was tested and worked perfectly informing adjacent police station, hospital and fire station at whatever point proper occasion happened. This work expands the use of mobile communication coverage on major roads to upgrade road security.

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