Android  PC Chatting & Image Sharing System


Chatting, image, audio and video sharing is possible between two or more peoples utilizing cell phones which are basic nowadays. This system enables the client to send or receive messages and images the with cell phone and PC. This system includes two clients where a client can send messages, share images utilizing their devices. Both the clients must have this application to be introduced in their devices keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the usefulness of this system. For security reason, the system will encrypt and decrypt the images. So images are sent safely through network medium.

This system enables the client to send messages from his cell phone to the client utilizing his PC. This system additionally enables the client to send and receive messages between two handheld devices i.e. cell phones. This system requires a good network connection. A client can send or receive messages, images with their cell phones and in addition with their PCs. This system is an online application in android technology. Peoples can speak to each other anyplace anytime. peoples can share their views. This system enables messages to be sent between gadgets having two distinctive working system. This system is stage free since this system deals with a various working system. A client can share their views by sending messages or images. Client can share this application to be visually engaging since it has a compelling Graphical User Interface.

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