Embedded Project on War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Wireless Camera


The project is designed to build up a robotic vehicle utilizing the Android application for remote activity connected with the wireless camera for monitoring purpose. The robot along with camera can wirelessly transmit real-time video with night vision capacities.

This is somewhat robot can be useful for spying reason in war fields. An 8051 arrangement of the microcontroller is utilized for the desired task.

At the transmitting end utilizing android application device, orders are sent to the beneficiary to control the development of the robot either to move forward, backward and left or right and so forth. At the less than desirable end, two engines are interfaced to the microcontroller where they are utilized for the movement of the vehicle.

Remote activity is accomplished by any advanced smartphone/Tablet and so forth., with Android OS, upon a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based touchscreen task. The android application device transmitter goes about as a remote control that has the benefit of sufficient range, while the collector end Bluetooth gadget bolstered to the microcontroller drives DC engines by means of engine driver IC for vital work.

A remote camera is mounted on the robot body for spying reason even in entire darkness by utilizing infrared lighting.

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