Android Based Universal Ticketing Project


We require a ticket in order to travel by train or bus. Either to get a ticket or to influence go for the particular period we to need to wait in long queues. This will expand our time of journey. This will likewise prompt miss those buses and trains which we chose to movement. This system will increase paperwork. There are more odds of losing the ticket which will wind up with a hectic situation.

To overcome these issues we proposed says where a client can book a bus or train ticket by means of an android mobile phone. A client can even book goes for a bus and train. There is another module which is incorporated into this system where ticket authority or the client can check the legitimacy of a ticket. By entering the client’s id and ticket id. Ticket authority can check the legitimacy of the ticket. After ticket booking client will get novel id through which ticket authority can check the ticket. Client need to enlist by topping off the points of interest. After enlistment, he will get one of a kind id which is given by the system. A client will utilize the id and password to login to the system. Once the client logins to the system, the system will display a client dashboard. A client needs to indicate the source and goal places he needs to move and different points of interest required by the system.

The system will consequently ascertain the amount for the journey. To book goes for prepare and transport client needed to determine pass write i.e Monthly, quarterly, yearly premise. Client can include balances by determining the card points of interest. The amount will be deducted in light of booked tickets and passes client can refill the parties through the card. Ticket checker will log in to the system utilizing his unique id and password. Ticket checker can enter ticket id and client id keeping in mind the end goal to check the legitimacy of a ticket. An administrator can include train and bus points of interest, see prepare checker and client details. The administrator can even include ticket checker details. Administrator can refresh prepare and transport points of interest because of some adjustment. An administrator can include adjust for the client by saying the client id and amount. This framework lessens paper work and time. A client can book the ticket anywhere and at any time.

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