The proposed system is to bolt the differential. By locking the differential is withdrawn shape the hub. Subsequently, the power is straightforwardly transmitted to the pivot and consequently to the wheels. This will significantly decrease the power misfortune in a few events when undesirable misfortune is going on because of the transmission if influence from the pole to the differential and afterward to the hub and thus to the wheels. So in the component, the undesirable power misfortune in the proper method of transmission through the differential is diminished.

There are a few disadvantages in the current instrument and we defeat it in the proposed venture. The first is while moving in soak slopes the differential isn’t generally required as the speed of the vehicle is low. And furthermore, there is some transmission loses in the differential. So right now the unit is bolted and the misfortune is overcome. At that point when an overwhelming truck is stuck in a pit or mud, it is exceptionally hard to recoup the truck as the differential unit slices the power which is to be transmitted to the wheel struck.

So in this venture, the unit is withdrawn and control is specifically given to the hubby pneumatic means thus the recuperation is made simpler. This is even made use of the vehicle to be driven in the thick woodlands and even in dessert.


• This machine is extremely helpful for little scale Automobile enterprises

• This machine is utilized to cut the rolled sheet metal

• All Automobile application


• While working, the compacted air produces clamor in this manner a silencer might be utilized.

• A high torque cannot be acquired.

• Load conveying limit of this unit isn’t high.

(<50 N)


• Less manual power is required to locking the differential unit.

• This pneumatic framework is likewise working with the assistance of air tank.

• Time utilization is less.

• The pneumatic is more effective in the specialized field.

• Quick reaction is accomplished.

• Simple in development.

• Easy to keep up and repair.

• Cost of the unit is less when contrasted with another machine.

• No fire risk issue due to overstacking.

• Comparatively the activity cost is less.

• The activity of cutting is quicker in light of the fact that the medium used to work is air.

• Continuous activity is conceivable without halting.

Download: Pneumatic Differential Unit Locking

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