GE009 – Experimental Study of Shear Strength Parameters for Cohesionless Soil with Particle Gradation


The extensive variety of molecule shapes and size dispersion of sand, by goodness of its sedimentological procedure of arrangement assumes a noteworthy job in building conduct when utilized as fill material or establishment material. The relative thickness of a granular cohesionless soil shows its level of compaction. Shear quality parameters increments as we go from lower to higher relative thickness.

The examination work incorporates a progression of direct shear tests for performed on granular soils comprising of sand with various molecule degrees (i.e. C-M,C-M-F,M-F) and diverse relative densities (i.e. 30%, 45%, 60%, 75%, 90%) reconstituted in research facility. Coordinate shear testing was performed on all degrees for various relative thickness to decide the point of inside rubbing under ordinary worries of 50 kN/m2 , 100 kN/m2 , 150 kN/m2 , and 200kN/m2 . The immediate shear testing demonstrated that as the molecule estimate inside the example expanded, the point of interior contact likewise expanded.

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