combo brake


In conventional bikes, the braking is finished by grabbing the wheels by utilizing two separate brake levers. So as to accomplish braking of a bike by seizing the two wheels at the same time by utilizing a solitary lever we are utilizing a unique arrangement of lever component.

Stopping mechanisms for cruisers are accessible in a wide range of outlines with various specialized arrangements. Starting with a customary slowing mechanism with two free circuits, an ABS framework can be added to enhance security and solidness. A joined slowing mechanism can be made to improve security and solace by building up a water-powered association between the front brake control and the back caliper or the other way around. The Motorcycle Integral Brake System MIB, which was acquainted with the market in 2006, furnishes bike makers with the likelihood to understand any consolidated indispensable usefulness trademark. Essential brake capacities can be adjusted to the theory of the bike maker, and numerous extra capacities which were unthinkable as of not long ago can be fused. This paper portrays the Motorcycle Integral Brake framework, its working standards contrasted and other stopping mechanisms, and its different water powered and utilitarian potential outcomes.

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