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ASP Project On E-Health Card


  • The venture goes for giving corporate data and doctor’s facility insights can be seen in a web on the Internet. This Information is to coordinate with the current page of the organization, however, the entrance to it is limited to the Chairman and Directors or anyone who has been approved or enroll clients.
  • Concurring patients’ needs the doctor’s facility administration presented Health Card Schemes like one-year wellbeing card, two-year wellbeing card, and long-lasting wellbeing Cards. To start with Patient picks the E-Health Card as per the patient necessity, contingent upon E-Health Card persistent get the markdown on hospital expense.
  • Each individual who will take the E-Health Cards, contingent upon card esteem, first they pay Card Value to Organization.
  • This data is shared with all the branches of the Hospital amass with the goal that they can keep up worldwide data of the gathering.
  • In the event that the endorser of the E-Health Card is enduring with sick wellbeing, they will be given beginning treatment with no consultancy charges.


  • Director
  • Branch Manager

Director Module:

In this System Chairman is the Super User. The action of the director is to make a New Branch in various areas relying upon necessity. And furthermore, allot a New Branch Manager to New Branch.

As indicated by Requirements Chairman create a New Health Card and furthermore characterize Card Specifications i.e. card number, card name, Group limit, legitimacy, Discount, sum.

The executive has an ability to expel a Branch Manager and furthermore adjust the card particulars.

Executive to see the reports in light of the branch, state, card, and locale astute. These reports supportive to enhance his business.

The Main Roles of the Chairman are: –

Make a New Branch Assign a Branch Manager

Produce another Type of Health Card

Appointing of Health Card Specifications

Branch Manager: –

Branch Manager is the leader of the Branch, appointed by the Chairman. Branch Manager taking the points of interest from the Customers, who will take the card.

The primary movement of the administrator is to enroll the client subtle elements, i.e. card name, cardholder name, age, sex, enlistment number, telephone number, and furthermore connection points of the interest depending cardholder.

Branch Manager creates reports concurring branch astute, locale insightful, state savvy and furthermore card shrewd. These reports are used to enhance the branch.

The Main Roles of the Branch Manager are:

1. Taking the Enquiry subtle elements from Customers

2. Register the New Customers And likewise Register the client Relation details

3. Modify the Customer Details (If required)


Show framework is manual. The Project Metrics needs to enter every one of the subtle elements of venture, records, and errands. It additionally supports the team information and furthermore endeavors estimation.

For this reason, the association keep up the span of the report, source code and refresh the data about colleague’s points of interest physically. Which is quite a bit of tedious process and all the more vitally it is mistake inclined. Impediments of the Manual framework

1. It is tedious

2. It prompts blunder inclined outcomes

3. It expends parcel of labor to better outcomes

4. It absences of information security

5. Retrieval of information takes parcel of time

6. Percentage of precision is less

7. Reports set aside opportunity to create

Subsequently, Computerization of the current framework is proposed. The new framework totally evacuates every single manual weight and give effect to the section framework.


Targets of the Proposed System

1. To produce the brisk reports

2. To make exactness and productive estimations

3. To give legitimate data quickly

4. To give information security

5. To give colossal upkeep of records

6. Adaptability of exchanges can be finished in time

In the wake of understanding the current framework and understanding the requirement for building up another framework distinctive individuals engaged with the related exercises have been counseled. The information required for the investigation has been gathered from organization records.

The computerization of this framework would maintain a strategic distance from the wrong translation and awful count of information.The framework enables the client to perceive any archives, to the source code, undertakings, exercises, group data with points of interest at the snap of a catch. The record information is kept up and went down such a path, to the point that information isn’t misfortune. The speed of the framework could likewise increment.

DOWNLOAD DOC: E-Health card.doc

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