Embedded Project on Flash Flood Intimation Over GSM Network


The main objective of this project is to plan and manufacture a small scale of Global System for Mobile (GSM) based model Flash Flood Intimation over GSM Network framework. This project will be created as an educational training tool to illustrate, promote awareness and knowledge in order to solve the traffic congestion problem and minimize the traffic accidents. The GSM is a technology that goes about as the system‟s principle controller will be utilized to control the general framework, which GSM modem will be sending an alarm message through the short message service (SMS) to desired phone number address. The prototype design utilizes water level sensor to recognize any water stream that courses through the flash flood and when the water level past threat stamp at a significant separation from the street, it will send the alram signal to the microcontroller. These models use the Arduino R3 which is utilized to get the information from the sensor. This Arduino will register and break down the information motion from the water level sensor and be sending the information flag to the GSM to disturbing the general population about the framework status. The model framework is required to be completely working with the capacity to remotely control and screen and in addition break down the framework status by coordinating the GSM innovation framework, which can likewise be executed as an instructive preparing device for network for them to have better mindfulness and comprehension on condition and how the innovation can be used in upgrading humans‟ quality life.

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