ASP Project On Cargo Tracking System Corporate Training

ASP Project On Cargo Tracking System Corporate Training


It is an online task, which gives a total answer for following framework where the load is found. In this task, the representative who is working in various ports needs to stack the information, if the payload has come in their spot. In light of these information esteems the customer can legitimize where the freight is found. It will help the customers to maintain their business in simple and successful technique. Typically the freight ought to be focused on the current area, which is considered as a port. So we can portray the moving way of the load in the framework, with the goal that we can estimate the exchange of both freight and speculations.

The motivation behind this product particular (SS) is to build up the real prerequisites and Specification important to build up the Software Systems for the Developers. The general goal of the Team Project is to set up an online. The objective of this archive is the same as any necessities report, to lay out all prerequisites of the application with a specific end goal to have both the engineers and the end clients keeping up a similar comprehension and desires from the application. The task necessities will characterize, all in all, terms, the setup of the site, themes for accessible data concerning the Software Project Management.


  • Operator Creation
  • Payload Details Entry
  • Conveyance Details Management
  • Shipment Details Entry Reports

System analysis

Prerequisite Analysis

The general prerequisite of the item is expressed as takes after;

•Information and Control Needs

•Client Friendly Usage

•Online refreshing

Existing System

The issues which are seen by the clients/clients in existing frameworks are;

•Less Efficiency and precision because of part of manual passages.

•More Time Delay for inquiry log upkeep.

•Increased consumption of capacity.

•Increase in labor.

Proposed System

The proposed framework is intended to give an answer to the downsides of present framework. It expects to:

•Replace Manual Processing framework with a mechanized one.

•Speedup Transactions

•Reduce the odds of acts of neglect related to a manual framework.

•Reduce the workload engaged in handling

•Update data framework and give simple access to comparing data.


 Hardware Requirements:

          Processor                        :   Pentium 4

Processor Speed            :   2.40GHz

RAM                             :   512 MB

Hard Disk                      :  80GB

CD Drive                       :  Samsung 52X

  Software Requirements:

Environment                  :   Visual studio .NET 2005

.NET Framework         :    VERSION 2.0

Language                      :   ASP.NET with C#

Operating System       :   WINDOWS 2000/XP

Back End                     :   SQL SERVER 2000


Download DOC:  cargo tracking system

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