Embedded Project on Long Range FM Transmitter with Audio Modulation


The goal of this project is to develop low-cost long-range FM Transmitter with audio modulation. The FM transmitter has 3 stages, A (VFO) Variable Frequency Oscillator (30 MW), a class C driver arranges (150 MW) and a class C final power amplifier (1 Watt). Fundamentally every FM Transmitter needs to have a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO). This is a high-frequency oscillator whose output frequency changes in light of the voltage connected at a specific control point. This is a variable frequency oscillator (VFO).Q1 with its related segments shape the VFO.

The VFO output is fed into Q2. Q2 being a bearing emitter does not load the VFO but amplifies the power as it were. The emitter follower output is fed to the final RF control amplifier Q3, the output of which feds the tuned circuit. A few capacitors are utilized on the supply rail for HF filtrations. Feeding the VFO transistor Q1 specifically with a mouthpiece at its base it turns into a FM Transmitter circuit. At 12 volt DC it will convey 1 watt RF control at 9 volt minimal less. With Yagi receiving the wire at both at transmitter and recipient end looking each other at viewable pathway remove, the range can be up to 5 KM. The yagi radio wire being enormous, the outline and manufacture points of interest are just given.

This idea can be extended and executed in colleges or a university, where the most recent happenings in a school can be known to the students by tuning to the frequency utilizing an FM recipient.

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