Brake failure indicator with Alarm System


Presently a day, Machines are generally controlled by control framework. To address the issue of detonating populace monetary and successful control of machines is essential. The principal subject of our venture is to screen the slowing mechanism at each minute

Today mishaps happen because of part of reasons, the one of the fundamental reason is brake disappointment, it caused to because of poor upkeep and additionally item imperfection, keeping in mind the end goal to safely protect the significant human for mischance the mischance observing of the brake is a vital thing in the vehicle

The brake weight transducer is set on the brake pack gathering. The sensor is associated with the controlling unit, the output of the controlling unit is associated with the caution and IVRS when a weight of the brake decreased from indicated level alert will give a risk flag and control framework will promptly stop the motor in adapting so the vehicle will safe from the mischance


 This framework decides the precise position than the mechanical technique.

 This framework decreases the weight of the support.

 This framework kills the manual work.

 Highly precise and more productive.

 Compact and speedy reaction.

Download:   Brake failure indicator with Alarm System

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