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Smart Shopping- An Android Based Shopping Application


This paper introduces a novel strategy for teaming up ease in web-based shopping and the conviction that all is good cash insightful and in addition to consumer loyalty while doing shopping disconnected. This is actualized utilizing an Android application. In Offline mode, the client needs to physically get his buy, convey money, acknowledge/charge cards along for them and hold up in the long line to make installments. The application specified here would read the barcode(s) of the product(s) and add it to the shopping basket in the application. It gives techniques to change the amount of item/s obtained and alter the rundown. Alongside this, the client would be educated about the on-going offers in the store. Installment can accord to client accommodation.


In conventional shopping, the client needs to hold up in long lines at the money counter. The clerk examines standardized tag for every individual item and after that produces the bill. This devours parcel of time and vitality of both the customer and clerk. To conquer this imperfection, the client himself can filter the standardized tag utilizing his versatile while making buy, retrieve essential points of interest of all items from shop’s database and produce charge himself. This bill can be sent to the clerk’s PC utilizing web benefit.

Disadvantages :

 Long lines

 Huge holding up time

 Carrying substantial things home

Proposed System :

In the proposed work, the client will check the thing which he needs to buy with the assistance of scanner gave by this application. Subsequent to checking of the thing a web administration will get called which will make an association with the database of the shop. As the association is built up, the client is currently synced with the database and data identified with that thing is given to him. In this entire technique, the general time of filtering of individual things is spared and consequently decreasing the season of the shopping.

Advantages :

 Customer fulfillment

 Cost reserve funds

 New business openings

 Time sparing

 Allow for significant benefit

 Improvement of Customer relations

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