Analysis, Control, and Design of a Hybrid Grid-Connected Inverter for Renewable Energy Generation With Power Quality Conditioning


This project proposes another kind dc/ac converter named: hybrid coupling gridassociated inverter (HGCI) for photovoltaic dynamic power age with control quality molding, which comprises of a full-connect three-stage dc/ac converter coupling to the power matrix in arrangement with a thyristor-controlled LC channel.Contrasted and the regular inductive-coupling grid connected inverter (IGCI) and capacitive-coupling grid connected inverter (CGCI), the proposed HGCI has particular qualities of wide operational range and low dc-connect working voltage.

In view of these noticeable qualities, the system cost and operational cost can be lessened. Also, it can exchange the dynamic power and repay responsive power, unequal power, and consonant power all the while. In this project, the examination of the structure, parameter plan, and control strategy for the HGCI is proposed and displayed. At last, reenactment and test results are given to check the adequacy and execution of the proposed HGCI in correlation with the IGCI and CGCI.

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