A Novel Design of PI Current Controller for PMSG-Based Wind Turbine Considering Transient Performance Specifications and Control Saturation


This project presents a novel outline procedure of decoupled PI current controller for perpetual magnet synchronous generator (PMSG)- based breeze turbines encouraging a matrix tied inverter through a consecutive converter. In particular, the outline strategy comprises of joining unsettling influence spectator based control (DOBC) with input linearization (FBL) procedure to guarantee ostensible transient execution recuperation under model vulnerability.

By disentangling the DOBC under the criticism linearizing control, it is demonstrated that the composite controller diminishes to a decoupled PI current controller in addition to an extra term that has the primary part of recouping the ostensible transient execution of the FBL, particularly under advance changes in the reference. Moreover, an antiwindup compensator emerges normally into the controller while considering the control input immersion to outline the DOBC. This grants evacuation of the impact of the immersion squares required to constrain the control input. The proposed control plot is actualized and approved through experimentation led on 22-post, 5 kW PMSG. The outcomes uncovered that the proposed procedure can effectively accomplish ostensible execution recuperation under model vulnerability and additionally enhanced transient exhibitions under control immersion.

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