.NET Project On  Efficient Retrieval Of Files From Cluster-Based Web Servers


State-of-the-art cluster-based data centers consisting of three levels (Web server, application server, and database server) are being utilized to host complex Web services, for example, e-commerce applications. The application server handles the dynamic and sensitive Web content that need protection from eavesdropping, tempering, and forgery. In spite of the fact that the Secure Socket Layer is the most popular protocol to give a secure channel between a customer and a cluster based system server, its high overhead degrades the server performance considerably and, subsequently, affects the server scalability. We propose a back-end forwarding scheme, called SSL_with_bf that utilizes a low-overhead client level communication mechanism like Virtual Interface Architecture to achieve a good load balance among server nodes. We compare three distribution models for network servers, Round Robin, SSL_with_Session, and SSL_with_bf, through simulation. The experimental results about with 16-node and 32- node cluster configuration demonstrate that, in spite of the fact that the session reuse of SSL_with_Session is basic to improve the execution of use servers, the proposed back-end sending plan can additionally improve the performance due to better load balancing. The SSL_with_bf plan can minimize the average latency by around 40 percent and enhance throughput across the variety of workloads.

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