Mobile Attendance System Project


The mobile attendance has been developed to eliminate the time and effort wasted in taking attendances in schools and colleges. It also reduces the number of paper resources needs in participation information management. The system  is divided into following modules:

• This is an android mobile application. It’s developed to be utilized for school/college workforce with the goal that they may take student attendance on their mobile phones.

• Student Attendance List Creation: Once this App is installed on a mobile phone, and it allows a client to make a student attendance sheet consisting of name, roll number, date, Absent/select check and subject. He needs to fill student names along with related move numbers.

• Attendance Marking: The workforce has the list on his mobile phone now. He may see the rundown call move numbers and select truant id the understudy is missing or select present if understudy is available.

• Attendance Storage: This information is currently put away in the staff mobile phone. Staff may likewise see it whenever on their mobile phone.

• Attendance sheet transfer: The staff can transfer the document to a server (ordinary PC) by means of a web association where this information can be stored and maintain by the school or college.

• Attendance Check: The PC administrator may now check the attendance transfer as Student roll no, date, time and sort by date to check presentees and absentees of a specific date.

Subsequently, this student computerizes participation system and eliminates with the utilization of paperwork required for attendance making and monitoring student attendance.

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