Content Based Image Retrieval using Salient Orientation Histograms


Content-mindful picture recovery is an essential subject these days, when the measure of computerized picture information is exceptionally expanding. Existing representation based picture recovery (SBIR) frameworks perform at a decreased level on genuine pictures, where foundation information may misshape picture descriptors and recovery results. To keep away from this, a preprocessing step is acquainted in this paper with recognize closer view and foundation, utilizing incorporated saliency location.

To manufacture the descriptor just on the most applicable pixels, introduction include is separated at remarkable Modified Harris for Edges and Corners (MHEC) keypoints utilizing an enhanced edge delineate, in a Salient Orientation Histogram (SOH). The proposed SBIR framework is likewise increased with a division venture for question discovery. The technique is tried on the THUR15000 database, containing irregular web pictures. Picture recovery and protest location both give promising outcomes contrasted with other best in class techniques.

BASE PAPER: Content Based Image Retrieval using Salient Orientation Histograms

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