Patient Tracker and Self Diagnosis Alert System


Patient Tracker and self-diagnosis alert system is utilized to build up an Android application to help in dispensary patient data management and viewing. The system is aimed to help doctors with entering and in addition view patient history and additionally other patient details. Our system is an independent system that can be introduced on doctor android mobile phone to be utilized for advance login. On establishment, the application allows a doctor to open the application and enter the details of any patient that attempts his administration. The application allows a doctor to insert different information fields with respect to a patient including the patient name, disease, medication provided, date of arrival, cost and so forth. The system saves this patient-related information in the Android mobile phone. The doctor may now view this information as and when required. The doctor may check the points of interest at whatever point required. The application enables a doctor to look patients by name and additionally date. Understanding expense points of interest likewise figured and that records additionally keep up in the doctor login account. The system would thus be able to decrease the complexity in maintaining records.

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