Android Crime Reporter & Missing Person Finder


We here propose an android crime reporter which tracks the examination status of criminal cases with logs and in addition, it additionally tracks complaints logged by the client. The system is proposed to enable offices to like CBI, CID and other such agencies to accelerate their examination procedure and to track the status of multiple cases at once. In this system, society itself causes them the authority to get the crime details quickly and to continue with the examination. They will assist the specialists in finding out the crime ratio in the general public. The system keeps logs of a case which incorporates case outline, individuals included, question, past criminal history of those included, Items recouped on scene and different points of interest. The framework understands the kind of case, permits an administrator to refresh the status of examination, transfer more pictures of complaints and things found on scene and so on. Client can post their missing individuals’ details with a photo. The client may likewise check for the status update by the administrator. The system is intended to help examination groups to work on the collective on cases, facilitate and furthermore speed up the procedure by recommending logical suspect based on information provided.

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