Intelligent Tourist System Project



1) A login page will show up at first and the client needs to login with a specific end goal to proceed

2) If the client is new he/she should fill the registration form (username, password, email, firstname, lastname, and so forth.) current area of the client is acquired by the utilization of gps.

3) These details will be submitted to an online database.

4) After signing in, the client will get a screen with 2 tabs.


1. it will contain a set of the questionnaire which the client needs to answer utilizing radio catches.

2. Based on the answer by the client, a smart tree calculation will run and 1-3 best outcomes will be given from the online database

3.Clicking on each outcome will give the client the portrayal of spots/areas alongside the photos. The client will likewise have the alternative to see the correct area of the spot on Google outline

Tab :

1. This section allows client to make a manual look for different tourist areas by nation, city zone, name of place.

Administrator Dashboard(Dotnet Application):

• Admin can work the system from a web application through his program.

• The system additionally comprises of an administrator dashboard where an administrator can login and enter places into the database with pictures, data, kind of area and position on maps.

• Also administrator can add edit the questionnaire for the client to fill.

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