Php project on Asset Management System


Asset Management system plays a typical role and acts as a link between Units of an Organization usually acorporate organization. The main goal of Asset Management system introduces produce the computerized system in a generally spread organization which can be utilized as an asset for a private network with a specific end goal to full the essential needs of an Organization like information sharing communication document viewing as well as sharing. This Asset Management (system helps in making and managing an information store of the stock relating to the equipment of $T assets in an association. The inventory list essentially comprises of PCs” monitors” software” organize devices” printers. )lotters scanners”cartridges” and so on..


Asset Management (system is a web-based application” which has two major components ” an application for automatically catching the stock data pertaining to the introduced hardware and software of a computer and its related peripherals” and secondcomponent named which helps in the administration of these inventories The second module makes utilization of the information caught by the first and the financial and business data pertaining to the stock. The financial points of interest incorporate information on purchase orders, invoice, guarantee AMC and the business details include information on providers” contacts ” contracts and so on ” The financial and business information must be entered manually into the second Module. The information caught could be imported into the second Module additionally manual passage of inventory information is possible in the software.

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