A Practical Attribute-Based Document Collection Hierarchical Encryption Scheme in Cloud Computing

Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) has been a preferred encryption technology to unravel the challenging problem of secure data sharing in cloud computing. The shared data files generally have the characteristic of multilevel hierarchy, particularly within the area of healthcare and therefore the military. However, the hierarchy structure of shared files has not been explored in CP-ABE. during this paper, an efficient file hierarchy attribute-based encryption scheme is proposed in cloud computing.

The layered access structures are integrated into one access structure, and then, the hierarchical files are encrypted with the integrated access structure. The ciphertext components associated with attributes might be shared by the files.

Therefore, both ciphertext storage and time cost of encryption are saved. Moreover, the proposed scheme is proved to be secure under the quality assumption. Experimental simulation shows that the proposed scheme is very efficient in terms of encryption and decryption. With the amount of the files increasing, the benefits of our scheme become more and more conspicuous