AN046 – Secure File Sharing Using Access Control


Cloud computing is a kind of computing that depends on sharing resources as opposed to having nearby servers or personal devices. In any case, sharing resources among many clients in the cloud is a challenging issue. The proposed scheme gives the facility of securely storing and sharing the information for dynamic gatherings in the cloud. By utilizing bunch mark and encryption strategies any cloud clients can proficiently share their information in the untrusted cloud.

Information Owner can store the record without uncovering their personality to others in the cloud. Revocation of the client happens without refreshing the private keys of the rest of the clients. Information Owner or Group Manager can have the capacity to delete the record which is stored in the cloud. The plan permits that the newly registered clients can directy decode the other group of people document which is put away in the cloud utilizing their own private key without reaching the proprietor of the information record. Especially, it reduces the calculation overhead to scramble the information records and the ciphertext size is consistent and independent of the revocation clients.


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