A Hybrid Resonant ZVZCS Three-Level Converter for MVDC-Connected Offshore Wind Power Collection Systems


A novel hybrid resonant zero-voltage zero-current switching three-level converter with capacitive output filter is proposed in this project, which experiences half of the information voltage for switches and is reasonable for seaward breeze cultivates in medium-voltage dc (MVDC) gathering systems. The proposed converter, using two transformers with altogether different power appraisals, embraces protected door bipolar transistors for each of the six power switches and works in spasmodic current mode and can accomplish zero-current exchanging for the four principle switches and rectifier diodes over the entire load run.

In the interval, the helper switches with little current rating can understand zero-voltage exchanging normally. Subsequently, the exchanging misfortune is diminished, which is indispensable in MVDC applications. By the direction equations of the full present and voltage, the direction ways can be accomplished, which is useful to look at the pinnacle and kill streams of switches. The outline tenets of primary parameters can be derived with the direction equations and ways. The impact of the turns proportion of assistant transformer and the resounding capacitance on the pinnacle and kill streams is talked about in detail. The activity standards of the proposed converter are examined and confirmed by the recreation and trial results.

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