Low Dissipative Snubber Using Flyback-Type Transformer for  Wind Turbine Systems


10 kV integrated gate commutated thyristor (IGCT) has been as of late created and can possibly push wind turbine systems to higher power and voltage rating. Converters utilizing IGCTs require snubber and over-voltage security circuit to restrict the rate of current’s rising and crest over voltage crossover IGCT amid turn-on and – off state, separately. The regular resistor-capacitor-diode (RCD) snubber which is utilized in such a power converter scatters a lot of intensity.

With a specific end goal to diminish the measure of energy lost by the ordinary RCD snubber, this project proposes flyback-type snubber. Flyback-type snubber not just meets the majority of the IGCTs qualities amid on-and off-state yet in addition fundamentally spares the power misfortune. The proposed flyback-type snubber can set aside to 73% of the misfortune in ordinary di/dt snubber circuit as indicated by the PLECS attractive reproduction of three-level nonpartisan point cinched matrix side converter. The examinations are performed utilizing IGCT stack. Flyback transformer yields the viability of the proposed snubber in wind turbine systems.

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