Embedded Project on Pre-programmed Digital Scrolling Message System


This is a project utilized for display messages in scrolling format on an alphanumeric LED display. This kind of scorlling system is applicable in public areas, on transport vehicles, advertisements, railway platforms, banks, hotels, night clubs and so forth.

Here a DC voltage of 5V is drawn from power supply voltage regulator is fed to microcontroller of 8051 family. The circuit utilizes 16 segment alpha numeric displays to demonstrate 16 characters at a time.

More over, programming has been done in microcontroller to make the characters to move in a beautiful manner. It display 16 different messages to depict different occasions, which can be chosen by the client through a slide switches. Utilizing of alphanumeric displays for above reason programming burden is decreased and turns out to be highly cost effective.

Futher project can be upgraded by interfacing it with a GSM modem. The client can send the message to the control unit via SMS and the data gets displayed.

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