IFS02-Privacy-preserving Indexing and Query Processing for Secure Dynamic Cloud Storage


With the increasing popularity of cloud-based data services, data proprietors are highly motivated to store their huge amount of potentially sensitive personal data files on remote servers in encoded form. Customers later can query over the encrypted database to retrieve files while protecting the privacy of both the queries and the database, by permitting some reasonable leakage information. To this end, the idea of searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) was proposed. Then, recently literature demonstrated that most dynamic SSE solutions leaking information on updated keywords are vulnerable against to devastating file-injection attacks. The best way to upset these attacks is to configuration forward-private schemes. In this project, we examine new privacy-preserving indexing and query handling protocols which meet various desirable properties, including the multi-keyword query processing with conjunction and disjunction logic queries, for all intents and purposes high privacy guarantees with chosen keyword word attack (CKA2) security and forward security, the help of dynamic data operations, et cetera. Compared and previous scheme, our solutions are very compactable, practical, and flexible. Their performance and security are carefully portrayed by the thorough rigorous analysis. Experimental assessments directed over a large representative informational collection exhibit that our solutions can accomplish modest search time efficiency, and they are practical for use in large scale encrypted database systems.

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