AN014 – Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using Android


Number plate recognition is a type of automatic vehicle identification. A number plate is the one of the unique identification of the vehicle. Real-time number plate recognition plays an important part in maintaining up law requirement and maintaining traffic rules. It has wide applications zones, for example, toll plaza, parking region, high-security zones, guest’s regions and so forth. Number plate recognition is designed to identify the number plate and after that recognize the vehicle number plate from a moving vehicle automatically. Automatic number plate identification has two major parts:

Vehicle number plate extraction,

Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Number plate extraction is that phase where vehicle number plate is recognized and separate the number plate text. The portioned characters are normalized and gone to an OCR algorithm. Finally, the optical character data will be converted into encoded text. The characters are recognized utilizing Template matching. The final output must be in the form of string characters.

DOWNLOAD: Vehicle Number Plate Recognition using Android

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