Embedded Project on Electronic Eye Controlled Security System


The project is designed as a security system based on photo sensing course of action. It utilizes a 14-stage ripple carry binary counter to sense the light intensity through LDR. The output  drives a buzzer and a relay for important activity. This idea is very valuable to detect burgulars from banks, malls, jewellary stores and furthermore in homes.

The framework depends on an electronic eye: it is a LDR sensor, called light dependant resistor. At the point when light falls on the sensor, its opposition drastically decreases which lead triggering off a caution to alarm the user.This framework best suits in the use of giving friendly security framework to cash boxes and lockers, which can be found in malls,jewellary shops, and banks.

The circuit is set inside the trade box or locker out such a path, to the point that, when the thief opens the locker and utilizations a light to discover the resources, the light falls on the circuit which contains an electronic eye (LDR) and gives a flag to the swell counter. This initiates the caution, and demonstrates a theft endeavor. Likewise a light is utilized to show the robbery when the light falls on the LDR.

Assist the undertaking can be improved by utilizing a GSM modem and a microcontroller. Gsm modem can be interfaced to the microcontroller to send a SMS to the client in the event of robbery.

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