ASP Project On Hiding Text In An Audio File

ASP Project On Hiding Text In An Audio File


This Project Titled “Information Hiding in Audio records” is the product created for concealing data which utilizes the innovation called as Steganography got from the Greek words signifying, “Secured composing”, is the specialty of concealing data in ways that keep its location.

It is a strategy similar to secret channels, and undetectable connections, which include another progression insecurity. A message in figure content may stimulate doubt while an imperceptible message isn’t. Computerized stenography utilizes a host information or message known as a “Compartment” or “Cover” to shroud another information or message in it. The ordinary method for securing data was to utilize a standard symmetric or awry key framework in encryption. Steganography can likewise be utilized to put a concealed “trademark” in pictures, music, and programming, a method alluded to as watermarking.

To guarantee the protection of the correspondence between two gatherings, different new strategies are being created. Cryptography is the mother of every one of those ventures. Be that as it may, cryptography resembles a device, it can do and add it is customized to do. Additionally, there are different distinctive procedures that can be executed to achieves a specific level of security. Here we execute a procedure for information covering up in sound pictures, known as Audio document Steganography.

Clench hand the sound document which acts as transporter record is chosen. At that point, a message or a content document to be installed in sound is chosen. At that point, a key document is chosen. The key document contains characters whose ASCII esteems are taken for encryption. At that point, the record is implanted in sound utilizing low piece encoding instrument and extraction of the installed message is being done the other way around.


• PROCESSOR: Pentium 4


• RAM: 512 MB


• CD DRIVE: Samsung 52X



• ENVIRONMENT: Visual studio .NET 2005





These days, a few techniques are utilized for conveying mystery messages for barrier purposes or with a specific end goal to guarantee the security of correspondence between two gatherings. So we go for concealing data in ways that keep its discovery. Some of the techniques utilized for security correspondence are the utilization of undetectable connections, clandestine channels are some of the existing frameworks that are utilized to pass on the messages.


The proposed framework utilizes Audio document as a transporter medium which includes another progression insecurity. The target of the recently proposed framework is to make a framework that makes it exceptionally troublesome for a rival to recognize the presence of a mystery message by encoding it in the bearer medium as a component of some mystery key and that remaining parts as the benefit of this framework


1. Concealing the message

2. Removing the message

3. Recording a wave

1. Concealing the Message

Concealing a message in Wave tests is fundamentally the same as concealing it in the pixels of a bitmap. Once more, we utilize a key stream to avoid various bearer units (tests/pixels), snatch one transporter unit, put one piece of the message into the most minimal piece of the transporter unit, and compose the changed unit to the coal stream. At the point when the whole message has been concealed that way, we duplicate whatever is left of the bearer stream.

2. Removing the Message

Once more, we utilize the key stream to find the correct examples, similarly as we did while concealing the message. At that point, we read the last piece of the example and move it into the present byte of the message. At the point when the byte is finished, we compose it into the message stream and proceed with the following one.

3. Recording a Wave

Keeping the first clean bearers can be hazardous. Some person who has just got a bearer document with a mystery message in it, and figures out how to get the first record without the concealed message, can undoubtedly look at the two records, including the separation bytes between two non-measure up to tests, and rapidly remake the key.

That is the reason we need to erase and wreck our spotless bearer documents after we’ve utilized them once, or record a wave on the fly. wave recorder, it is no issue to record Wave information and conceal the message in it before sparing anything to a circle. There is no unique record, so we don’t have to think about one. In the fundamental frame, the client can pick between utilizing a current Wave document or recording a sound right at that point. In the event that he needs to record a novel, not reproducible sound, he can connect to a receiver and talk/play/… whatever he loves

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