Android Based School Bus Tracking System


This system is a combination of web and in addition android application where the driver will utilize the Android application while administrator and parent will utilize web application. This application is intended for drivers who are driving the school bus. System permits the administrator to include another driver where driver id and password is generated and stored into the system. The driver will have the android application introduced in his android mobile phone when the driver will log in to the application, his GPS area will be sent and put away into a database. When driver sign in, GPS area of the driver will be followed consequently by the application and stores the GPS coordinates into a database after 5 minutes. At the point when driver logs out from the application, again GPS area will be stored. With a specific end goal to keep track the participation of the driver, this system plays major role. The part of the administrator is to enroll another student by entering his own details with parent points of interest where parent gets a mail which comprise login id and password, so parent can get to the web interface to track their children. Administrator can see transport points of interest and furthermore can edit and update elements.

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