ASP Project On Knowledge Management System

ASP Project On Knowledge Management System


Information Management (KM) alludes to a scope of practices utilized by associations to recognize, make, speak to, and convey information for reuse, mindfulness and learning over the association. Learning Management programs are commonly attached to authoritative destinations and are proposed to prompt the accomplishment of particular results, for example, shared knowledge, enhanced execution, upper hand, or more elevated amounts of development.

Here we are taking a gander at building up an online intranet information administration framework that is of significance to either an association or an instructive foundation. The framework (KMS) is an Intranet based application that can be gotten to all through the organization or a predetermined gathering or division. This framework can be utilized as a learning/data administration framework for the organization.

Understudies/Staff signing in ought to have the capacity to transfer any sort of instructive data. Understudies/staff signing in may likewise get to/look through any data set up by others. KMS ought to encourage learning sharing from the grass root level like undertaking groups to offices to the whole school.


• A client ought to have the capacity to enlist giving essential data.

• Login to the framework and change the secret word (if required) in the wake of signing in.

• Post records/data and alter/erase his commitments.

• Access/Search records/data posted by others (just read get to).

• Rate the substance posted by others.

• Search data by various parameters – rating/catchphrases/importance/class

Administrator FEATURES

An administrator login ought to be available who can read and additionally delete any unimportant posts by the individuals


The accompanying reports can be produced. You can execute more reports which you think can be valuable.

• List of individuals in the framework and the number of commitments made by them.

• Number of Contributions by class and sort.


• There ought to be very much characterized classes under which one can post data

• KMS should bolster posting data under these classes.

• KMS should bolster transferring of word/pdf/exceed expectations/ppt reports under the classifications

• There ought to be a Search include and the outcomes ought to be shown in an extremely viable manner.


• Generic Technology Keywords: Databases, User Interface, Programming

• Specific Technology Keywords: ASP.Net, C#.Net, MS SQL Server

• Project Type Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing

• SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business, Data Access Layers


 Cannot Upload and Download the most recent updates.

 No utilization of Web Services and Remoting.

 Risk of botch and of information when the task is being worked on.

 Less Security.

 No appropriate coordination between various Applications and Users.

 Fewer Users – Friendly.


The advancement of the new framework contains the accompanying exercises, which attempt to robotize the whole procedure keeping in perspective of the database coordination approach.

 User cordiality is given in the application different controls.

 The framework makes the general task administration considerably less demanding and adaptable.

 Readily transfer the most recent updates, enables a client to download the alarms by tapping the URL.

 There is no danger of information bungle at any level while the task advancement is under process.

 It furnishes abnormal state of security with various level of validation.


• Servers:

 Operating System Server: – Microsoft Windows 2000 or Higher

 Data Base Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005

• Clients: Microsoft Internet Explorer,

• Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio.Net

• User Interface: ASP.NET with AJAX

• Code Behind: VC#.NET


• Administration

• Users(Students, Staff)

• Public Users

• Documents

• Reports

• Authentication



Number Description

1 PC with 2 GB hard-circle and 256 MB RAM


Number Description

1 Windows 2000/XP/or Higher with MS-office

2. MS-SQL server2000/2005

3. Ms-Visual Studio.Net 2005

4. Ms-Internet Explorer

• Manpower prerequisites:

3 to 4 Developers can finish this in 3-4 months.


No. Milestone Name Milestone Description


1 Requirements Specification Complete determination of the framework including characterizing chains of command constitutes this turning point. A record enumerating the same ought to be composed and an introduction on that be made. Attempt ought to be made to include some more applicable usefulness other than those that are recorded in this archive.

2 Technology familiarization Understanding of the innovation expected to actualize the venture. The introduction ought to be from the perspective of having the capacity to apply it to the venture, instead of from a hypothetical point of view.


Database creation

A database of no less than 10 passages of clients with no less than 1 should application administrator.

t is vital to finish on the database at this stage itself so advancement and testing can continue with the real database itself.

4 High-level and Detailed Design Listing down every single conceivable situation and afterward concocting stream outlines or pseudo code to deal with the scenario. The situations should guide to the prerequisite particular

5 Development of front end functionalities. Usage of the primary screen giving the login, the screen that takes after the login giving different choices, screens for every one of the choices During this breakthrough period, it would be a smart thought for the group to begin dealing with a test-get ready for the whole framework. This test-plan can be refreshed as and when new situations ring a bell.

6 Integrating the front-end with the database The front-end created in the before turning point will now have the capacity to refresh the database. Different highlights ought to be useful at this stage. To put it plainly, the framework ought to be prepared for mix testing.

7 Integration Testing The framework ought to be altogether tried by running all the experiments composed of the framework (from point of reference 5). Another 2 weeks ought to be there to deal with any issues found amid testing of the framework. From that point onward, the last demo can be orchestrated.

8 Final Review Issues found amid the past point of reference are settled and the framework is prepared for the last review. During the last audit of the venture, it ought to be watched that every one of the necessities indicated amid breakthrough number 1 are satisfied

The accompanying advances will be useful to begin off the venture:

• Study and be alright with innovations, for example, ASP.Net with C#, and SQL Server.

• Gather some information of item orders and support before beginning the outline.

• Create a client database with various access levels.

• Start with making the login screen.

• Create menus for route and gathering the functionalities as sub menus.

• Create the assistance pages of the application as FAQ. This will helps the client.

DOWNLOAD: Knowledge Management System

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