RCC026- Gravity Dam Design


Gravity dams are strong solid structures that keep up their strength against configuration loads from the geometric shape, mass and quality of the solid. The reasons for dam development may incorporate route, surge harm decrease, hydroelectric power age, fish and untamed life improvement, water quality, water supply, and entertainment. The structure also, assessment of solid gravity dam for tremor stacking must be founded on proper criteria that reflect both the wanted dimension of wellbeing and the decision of the plan and assessment methods. In Bangladesh, the whole nation is separated into 3 seismic zones, contingent on the seriousness of the tremor force.

Along these lines, the primary point of this examination is to plan high solid gravity dams dependent on the U.S.B.R. proposals in seismic zone II of Bangladesh, for changing even quake powers from 0.10 g – 0.30 g with 0.05 g addition to consider the vulnerability what’s more, seriousness of seismic tremor powers and consistent other plan loads, and to examine its soundness and stress conditions utilizing investigative 2D gravity technique and limited component strategy.

The consequences of the level tremor force irritation recommend that the balancing out minutes are found to diminish fundamentally with the augmentation of level quake power while managing the U.S.B.R. prescribed beginning dam segment, demonstrating jeopardize to the dam steadiness, in this way bigger dam area is given to expand the balancing out minutes and to make it safe against disappointment. The vertical, primary and shear stresses gotten utilizing ANSYS 5.4 examinations are contrasted and those acquired utilizing 2D gravity technique and found less thinks about to 2D gravity strategy, with the exception of the main worries at the toe of the gravity dam for 0.10 g – 0.15 g.

Despite the fact that, it appears to be evidently that littler dam segment might be adequate for stress examinations utilizing ANSYS 5.4, it would not be conceivable to accomplish the required variables of wellbeing with littler dam segment. It is seen amid solidness investigations that the factor of wellbeing against sliding is fulfilled finally than different elements of security, coming about gigantic dam area to make it safe against sliding. Hence, it very well may be reasoned that it would not be plausible to build a solid gravity dam for level seismic tremor force more noteworthy than 0.30 g without changing different burdens as well as measurement of the dam and keeping arrangement for waste display to diminish the elevate weight fundamentally.

BASE PAPER:  Gravity Dam Design

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