Development of an e-Post Office System


The e-Post Office is the shopping gateway of the widely acclaimed postal administration on the web and an extra conveyance channel. It offers Stamps, PostCards, Packets, Cartons and has administrations like messenger, enlisting for power merchants, offering portable cards, and so forth. Under this site, numerous items and administrations can be requested, that are additionally accessible in an “ordinary” branch. The item costs are indistinguishable with the costs of their typical branches.

The e-Post Office is extended forever through new items and administrations keeping in mind the end goal to offer an item portfolio relating to the market. Private client and business clients can arrange the chose results of the postal administration online rapidly and serenely. Other than this, the e-Services offer new adaptability through e-Packet, the PICKUP arrange for bundles over the web and additionally the internet sending request and capacity arrange. For the instance of the nonappearance or the move, one can let appoint here the after shipment of the postal administration at another address or store the letter shipments. The clients can enroll themselves and can be served independently.

Target gatherings of a client of the e-Post Office are nearly nothing and white collar class business (SMEs). The clients can have an installment elective through Mastercard. So as to utilize the heap composting system, the client registers itself in the e-Post Office and gets a login for its buys name.

You need to build up this site, which catches the above usefulness. It is a web application


Generic Keywords

Databases, Middleware, Programming

Specific Technology Keywords


Undertaking Type catchphrases

Examination, Design, Implementation, Testing

Functional components of the project

Following is a rundown of the usefulness of the framework. Greater usefulness that you discover proper can be added to this rundown. Also, in places where the depiction of usefulness isn’t satisfactory, you can make fitting suspicions and continue.

Clients of the framework: Customer is the client of the framework. A chairman of the site is the super client.

At the point when the client composes in the URL of the site, a Welcome page is demonstrated which has a menu on the left-hand side, a standard at the best and any related connects to different locales. This website contains an online index for the client. The client needs to login to Welcome Page before requesting anything. Login usefulness should check the legitimacy of the client from the database.

The menu should contain following screens

• Registration Screen

In the event that the client isn’t registered, at that point enlistment screen ought to be accessible

• Stamps and Bulk Stamps Order

This screen will demonstrate every one of the sorts of Stamps with their qualities and least amount that ought to be requested. On the off chance that conceivable, give the picture of every one of the stamp writes. On choosing any of the Stamp to write, the client has demonstrated the segments for the amount to be entered.

Subsequent to entering the amount, the cost is consequently set by the framework in view of the item value information. On adding to index, mercifully check the stock and make a fitting move.

• Letter Order

This Screen will indicate distinctive kinds of the letter which can be requested on the web. Give a picture to each sort of letter. On choosing any of the Letter to compose, the client has demonstrated the segments for the amount to be entered. In the wake of entering the amount, the cost is naturally set by the framework in view of the item value information.

On adding to list, sympathetically check the stock and make proper move.

• Catalog Information

This screen contains the data about the requests for the client.

It gives add up to the estimation of the request together with singular things requested.

On request, the approval of clients credit is made. Credit data can be kept in the database for straightforwardness. Once the request is acknowledged, the stock is refreshed and shipment section is made in the database. Once the shipment is done, shipment status is refreshed.

• Terms and Conditions – A Brief message on the site clarifying terms and conditions and a printable duplicate of it.

• Contact Information – Contact data in regards to the workplace addresses with telephones and faxes are given on this screen

The accompanying advances will be useful to begin off the undertaking

1. Get a firm handle on the above innovation.

2. Decide on the number of clients and their profile, number of items, sort of items, business rules.

3. Make a super client will’s identity ready to allocate clients to gatherings and will have the capacity to delegate rights to a gathering.

4. Help ought to be extremely easy to use.

5. UI ought to incorporate great pictures and have a steady look and feel all through the application.

H/W System Configuration

Processor – Pentium – III

Speed – 1.1 GHz

Smash – 256 MB(min)

Hard Disk – 20 GB

Floppy Drive – 1.44 MB

Console – Standard Windows Keyboard

Mouse – Two or Three Button Mouse

Screen – SVGA

S/W System Configuration

 Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0.

 Application Server: Wamp2.2e

 Front End : HTML, PHP.

 Scripts: JavaScript.

 Server-side Script: PHP.

 Database: Mysql.

 Database Connectivity : PhpMyAdmin.

Download: Development of an e-Post Office System

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