Max-Min Fairness Rate Control in Wireless Networks Optimality and Algorithms by Perron-Frobenius Theory


Rate adjustment and power control are two key asset portion components in multiuser remote systems. Within the sight of obstruction, how would we mutually enhance end-to-end source rates and connection forces to accomplish weighted max-min rate decency for all sources in the system? This advancement issue is difficult to illuminate as physical layer connect rate capacities are nonlinear, nonconvex, and coupled in the transmit powers.

Existing system

We demonstrate that the weighted max-min rate decency issue can, truth be told, be decoupled into discrete reasonableness issues for stream rate and power control. For a vast class of physical layer connect rate capacities, we describe the ideal arrangement systematically by a nonlinear Perron-Frobenius hypothesis through taking care of a contingent eigenvalue issue that catches the association of multiuser impedance.

Proposing system

We propose an iterative calculation to register the ideal stream rate that focalizes geometrically quick with no parameter design. Numerical outcomes show that our iterative calculation is computationally quick for the Shannon limit, CDMA, and piecewise interface rate capacities.

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