ASP Project On Secure System And Desktop Movie Capture


Secure System And Desktop Movie Capture  Project gives a moment catch of the desktop, current window or area at runtime with a propelled office to change over to any coveted picture organize. Screenshot grabber is a utility intended for the two designers and ends clients to catch investigating screen captures or alluring pictures, while it is additionally perfect for general screen catch purposes.

The utility can catch the work area screen into picture documents in an arrangement. The settings of the program are spared into a config record called config.ini. In the event that the config document is feeling the loss of, the default config record will be made. The application gives a UI to spare the work area screen. Utilizing the setup record a default registry area is gotten. The records caught are doled out filenames in arrangement from a default name took after by the quantity of catch.

The settings can be changed by the client whenever. The utility to give an assortment of caught screenshot configuration. The utility can spare the screenshot as characterized by the client in one of the accompanying picture designs – Jpg, Bmp, Png, Tiff and so forth. The centerpiece of the application is the catching segment that is executed utilizing the Bitblt from the gdi32 library. The .net system speaks with the library to play out the progressed and entangled piece tending to catch the GUI screen. On the off chance that the yield is textbased, for example, a support application screen the utility can even now pick the information from it and spare it as the Desktop movie capture.

Establishments are Organizations, Companies, Institutes, and other such applicable bodies. Planned for Project Managers, Developers, End clients and Quality Assurance engineers. Proposed perusing the report would be general archive depiction, item-based data gathering took after by Infrastructure necessity.

This task is easy to understand a gets to by anybody for the advantages of the client. The venture has been produced such that it can be anything but difficult to work.


• User cooperation is streamlined through different screen designs.

• Data get to is quick

• Data repetition is controlled to the greatest conceivable degree


• Capture Entire screen.

• Capture bit of the screen chosen progressively.

• Save the caught picture in a configuration.

• Capture content mode yields also.

• Provides design segment to recognize target index and source filename for the caught pictures.

• Randomly click screen shots to catch any number of pictures.

• Slide show to see the pictures in the catch.


1.Login and Security

2.Configuration Module

3.Formatting Screen shot

4.Screen Area Selection

5.Screen catch

6.File age and Slideshow


This module gives approval in the use of the product. A database keeps up client data and the passwords are put away scrambled. The client gives his id and secret key at runtime. This id and secret word are then checked with the client database. Substantial clients are permitted to get to the screen shot grabber modules.


This module enables the approved client to arrange the product to recognize a default area and filename for the framework to store the caught picture and create auto filenames as opposed to inciting for the name and area each time. When set a similar area and filename is taken up for consequent catches. This area and filename can be reset to new area and filename whenever.


The module prompts the client for a picture write to store the document into. This encourages the client to utilize any configuration that is perceived by windows. Consequently, a picture except if spared wouldn’t be designed. The module organizes and remembers it to gauges in windows.


A propelled office that catches a part of the screen at run time. Most utilities enable the whole screen to be caught. This instrument enables you to play out a determination at runtime. The client can openly utilize his mouse to indicate a rectangular co-ordinate to distinguish the zone to be caught.


This module enables you to catch the whole or current work area. The client’s decision is incited before the catch. Hotkeys are accessible with the goal that clients can utilize console alternate routes for the same. The module utilizes the design module to spare the caught document. Furthermore, the client can likewise catch the dynamic window. In such case, the frontal area window can be caught as opposed to the whole work area foundation.


The caught picture is changed over to twofold and spared with the goal that none of the pixels are lost nor its determination changes. A slide show would then be able to be utilized to review the pictures. Once the client indicates an area the grabber creates the slide consequently. An office to explore between the pictures either utilizing upward or descending heading.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB



Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Language: C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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