Modeling and Simulation of a Moving Robotic Arm Mounted on Wheelchair


Wheelchairs furnished with settled situated automated arms is proposed to encourage deadened individuals. Be that as it may, such an arrangement makes it difficult for the clients to situate the wheel seat to such an extent that the undertaking in need exists in the arm workspace. In this work an automated arm that slides over a track mounted over a wheelchair is proposed to achieve a lot more extensive workspace, at no additional multifaceted nature of arm plan.

Proposed plan additionally reliefs the need to situate the wheelchair for additional client comfort. This work speaks to the Kinematic conditions, Dh-parameters and dynamic demonstrating and reproduction of a RRR mechanical arm moving along a way constructed onto a wheelchair including the 3D workspace of the framework. Primer outcomes indicate automated arm can accomplish an exceptionally capable workspace at no additional expense as far as arm torques yet offering an incredible solace for wheelchair clients.

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