Php project on Retailer Management System


Retail management refers to the process which helps the clients to acquire the desired resources from the retail stores. Online Retail Management System enables the clients to have a good experience and leave the store with a smile. It helps them to shop with no trouble. It saves the time of the clients since they will have the ability to purchase the desired things in one stretch. One can plan this online retail application database project for the effective maintenance of the retail application. Through this project, the client will have the capacity to log in to the application and will be issued with the unique client name and client id.

E-Commerce is the way toward purchasing and selling products online which is developing at a faster pace. These days many business houses are making utilization of the online business as a piece of their business which is thought to be another method for making profit. Shopping on web through the web has turned into a common process. An online store is where the clients will have able to browse the items of their choice. Utilizing the online retail application database project, the client should register so as to buy any item. He needs to also give bank details like bank name, account number and so forth. He can even have record number. Once the registration is done, the client will be given with the unique client id, client name and pass word. A client will then have the capacity to buy one or more items of his choice. The things will be classified according to the classification like prices,discount etc. The bill will be produced in light of the costs of the quantity of items purchased.The bank account that was given at the time of the registration will be utilized to settle the bill. The client can also indicate as to where the specific item ought to be delivered.

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