Php project on Online Book Store


Many people’s have the issue that they need to learn or read. But because of their busy schedule, they couldn’t give time to study even they need to consider the study. So I have understood these peoples problem and included this powerful project.

It will be very suitable for the such people groups who have to work entire days far away from their home. This project just gives a Basic demo of a live project. You can make it online by including some more code or highlights to upgrade it.


Things going manually like going to book shop and checking the books and purchasing the books No security for information base because all of the books data is kept in records and that work is also done by man by utilizing manpower so there is a chance of doing mistakes.


In this project, you can view any book easily on the online. You can buy online books by choosing any payment gateway like pay-pal or money wire.

This is controlled by an administrator who has full control over all the books. All the books are stored in the Database. so there is fill security of theft of payments and so on.

Online bookstore gives a platform where all the books are kept in an arranged way and you can pick your required book by simply choosing it from the store. After choosing a book and view all the depiction, for example, the name of the book, the name of the author and price,client can make payment of it in order to get it.


Administrator: – He will include all the data about the books like cost name year subject all the total data of the book who have every one of the rights do on the task

Clients: – He can scan for the book he is in require on the off chance that he found the book he can purchase that book from his home as it were

Enrollment: – For all the new clients this module is utilized

Login: – The whole enlisted client can get to the application by utilizing this module

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