PV Battery Charger Using an L3C Resonant Converter for Electric Vehicle Applications


In electric vehicles with rooftop PV boards, the solar irradiance and surface temperature can influence their execution and output voltages (e.g., Vpv = 24-45 Vdc). In these systems, the most extreme energy  must be extracted from the variable info voltage (PV board), helped by various gains, and put away in high-voltage battery packs. Besides, contingent upon the battery condition of charge, the charger ought to work in consistent voltage, steady present, or consistent power modes, the distance from finish release condition, up to the charged gliding voltage stage (Vbat = 230-430 Vdc).

This mix of the variable PV input voltage and distinctive conditions of charge makes a huge control challenge for the converter. In this project, a high-effectiveness fourth-arrange L3C full converter is proposed with an outrageous voltage direction capacity that can viably separate the greatest power from the PV boards and react to the battery conditions of charge at various voltage and current levels. The sample results from a 350-W model demonstrate the highlights of the proposed L3C resounding converter and show its capacity to track the most extreme info control while reacting to the battery different conditions of charge.

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